Welcome to the website of the

Lane End Conservation Group

Our volunteers enjoy meeting once a month to work on specific conservation projects, maintenance of ponds and waterways, and looking after commons and public footpaths, all in the Parish of Lane End.

The A-team at Foundry Pond. Photo: Bucks Free Press
Photo: Bucks Free Press
With so many open spaces and over 40 miles of public footpaths there will always be plenty of work to be done by the volunteers of Lane End Conservation Group. Most of our founding members, who were already retired when they set up LECG in 1983, are by now unable to help on our monthly Action Days, but they keep supporting the group's work by informing the volunteer work organisers of any jobs they think require attention and by their gratefully received subscriptions and donations.

We do hope you enjoy browsing through our website and that you feel encouraged to want to join us in actively appreciating and improving the environmental diversity of Lane End.